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Man Who Graduated With First Class From UK University Cries Out For Job (Photos)



If those with good grades can’t secure jobs in Nigeria, what hope do graduates with average grades have? Read below the shocking and touching plight of a First Class graduate of the of the University of Greenwich, London, UK -who had to work in a motor park to hustle for cash….
This was shared by Abdullahi A Abdullahi on Facebook on June 1, 2016;
I have been feeling sore since yesterday following a heart-breaking scene I witnessed at the popular Area 1 Park. Struggling to stop rains of punches on his face was a young guy in his 30s. He was being mercilessly mobbed by two other guys who were cursing, using all sorts of obscenities.
I don’t want moved me sha, but I had to alight from my car in rescue of this guy. I managed to stop the guys from their vicious dexterities on this guy but not without getting a slight scratch on my left ear.
In between shoving, I managed to push this guy into my car as I drove away to a distant into safety. I could hear the guys shouting after us, threatening to end his life if he dares return to join them. Distant away to safety, I asked the visibly shaken guy what the problem was and thus went into a heart shattering narrative that left me perpetually sore.
“My brother, what you just witnessed was one of the trials of life oh. Sitting with you here is a first class graduate of the University of Greenwich, London, UK. (September, 2011 – July, 2014)
BSc (Hons.) Business Information Systems. I am jobless and stranded. I came into Abuja yesterday for an interview; I finished the interview and ran out of cash. Because I didn’t want to be seen as a beggar, I decided to join this guys calling for passengers. In three hours, I made N800. So I decided to gather at least N2000 that can take me back to Lagos. That was when these guys pounced on me, demanding that I register as a union member with N5000. I told them my predicament but they insisted of taking my phone.”
“My name is Abimbola Kareem, married with two kids from Lagos state. Im not just a first class product oh but a proficient person. I am highly dedicated Business Systems Analyst with working knowledge of Business Intelligence, Web and Information Systems development and general products marketing. My understanding of system analysis got me the scholarship from the NNPC to study abroad. My brother, I came back and still can’t get a job oh.”
He saw the tears in my eyes and he too joined in the cry. It was an emotional time for me. In my car is a total stranger pouring out his heart to me. I stopped my tears and decided to give him hope. I could see hunger in him but he swore he wasn’t hungry. With the little stipends on me, I drove him to Jabi Park and he boarded a vehicle going to Lagos. We exchanged numbers and I left him more shattered.
This morning, He called me to show his appreciation and his wife also prayed for me. I asked that he send his CV, which he eventually sent this evening. As I type this, I have his very rich CV with me. I don’t know where to take it to but I have this strong feeling that if I share this story here, someone somewhere may help somehow. We can’t afford to waste such a product. Share this story as far as possible until someone employs Abimbola.
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