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Checkout 12 Professional Guys That Nigerian Ladies Find Sex Appealing



Some jobs have more sex appeal than others. The level of sex appeal of any job can only however be determined by the beholder. If as a man you have some problem getting women to want to go on a date with you, it could be because of the type of job you do.
Apparently, almost every one of us tend to see certain jobs as being sexier than others. Here are 10 jobs that can enhance your sex appeal as a man.
Uniformed Men
Be it the Army, Navy or Airforce (and the police sometimes), there’s something about men in uniform that screams ‘I’m sexy!’. It could be because most uniformed men have a lot of power that makes women sexually attracted to them. One thing is for sure however, and that is any woman that says she’s never been attracted to a man on uniform is probably lying. Men on uniform usually have to project some sense of authority which is one thing a lot of women respect.
Well, the sex appeal of doctors come from saving people and being insanely smart. With numerous fields in medicine, surgeons and pediatricians rank tops of those that exude sexiness in the medical field. Surgeons are sexy mostly because they remodel body parts and save lives which women find intriguing. Paediatricians on their part, scream hot and sexy mostly because they deal with children and there’s hardly any woman that doesn’t feel a connection to a man who has a way of getting kids to love him. Bottom line is all doctors are sexy.
Some people have described the job of a pilot as the sexiest in the world probably because they are responsible for the lives of hundreds of people. Being a pilot shows confidence which is a sexy attribute. The uniform also comes with its own sex appeal too!
From time immemorial, accountants have a reputation of being good with money which is one thing some women expect in their ideal man. The organizational skills of an accountant can be brought to bear in other areas including the sex department.
Gym Instructor
The gym instructor will mostly ooze sex since he has a perfect body which can be likened to that of a Greek god. The natural sexiness they bring to their workout routines is usually enough for the ladies to want to bring their own sexiness back.
Artists don’t have to be cute or handsome because they make up for it with the mysterious aura that surrounds them. This aura is usually enough to get the women eating out of their palms without them even uttering a word.
Club Manager
This job is one that oozes a lot of sex appeal giving the fact that men that work in this industry tend to meet a lot of women which is one thing that appeals to the opposite sex. Most men that work this job are sexy mostly because a lot of club owners are conscious of the appearance of their employees.
These ones are problem solvers and know how to apply their knowledge and skills to solving any complex issues that may arise. The jeans-wearing, sleeves-folded engineer is one image a lot of women fantasise about and what more screams “I’m sexy, come eat me up!” than a sexier dirty engineer?
Is there any girl out there who hasn’t once had a crush on her teacher or professor in school at some point in time? The sex appeal of the teacher usually comes from intelligence and almost every woman wants a man that has a big mind.
There are few things out there sexier than a man who knows his way around the kitchen. Chefs are passionate, patient and creative people who will usually spoil their partners silly. If you’re a food lover, you can relate to the sex appeal chefs exude.
Lawyers have this sex appeal that comes from being headstrong, confident and intelligent. Despite the various aspects of laws available, most lawyers are hardworking and the rewards that come from the demanding nature of the job makes them appear hot and dedicated to any cause they put their minds to. And of course, telling people you’re dating a lawyer sounds hot, doesn’t it?
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