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APC Will Apologise To Nigerians, PDP In 2019- Onuesoke



Delta State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chieftain, Chief Sunny Onuesoke has foreseen that come  2019 when PDP must have taking over leadership of the Presidency of the country and  All Progressive Congress (APC) would have  realize the harm they did to Nigerians, the party would come crawling on  it kneels  apologizing  to  Nigerians and PDP as a party  for their deceptive promises and the hardship they have created for Nigerians.
While reacting to the statement of  an APC Chieftain who said “Nigeria will beg Buhari to come back in 2019”, Onuesoke who spoke to group of journalists in Abuja, on Friday argued  that instead of Nigerians to beg Buhari to stay,  APC would rather apologise to Nigerians and PDP  for putting Nigerians in the present hardship.
He said what is happening in the country presently is testimony that APC do not have anything to provide for betterment of  the life of the people .
Onuesoke maintained that he is very confident that PDP will win the Presidency in 2019  and return Nigeria back to past glory which they have benefitted from the party  in term of adherence to rule of law, low inflation rate, provision of power, low exchange rate, cheap fuel, provision of cheap food and other comfort of life which  are presently lacking.
The truth is that people are suffering a lot of hardship now but this was not the promise. The campaign promise was to bring down the cost of fuel, create jobs,  naira to be at par with dollar, provide electricity and other social which have presently  become illusive,” Onuesoke lamented..

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