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Pastor Blasted For Posting A Picture That Says "Jesus And His Wife, Xhosa"



Pastor Gerald Mahlangu has been heavily criticized for releasing these raunc#y pictures. A local prophet has released alleged pictures of Jesus and his hot Xhosa wife enjoying kinky moments in heaven, several weeks after another preacher, Prophet Mboro had allegedly visited heaven, TheSouthernDaily reports.
Pastor Gerald Mahlangu after releasing the photos, also made a press released claiming that he had been secretly invited to heaven a few weeks after Prophet Mboro had his phone which had heaven pictures stolen at a car wash.
The pastor says God told him he wanted to avenge the theft of Mboro’s phone. He also added a few a kinky scenes to make people believe. He revealed that he would be going to heaven next month and would broadcast the event live.
Prophet Mboro had become popular after revealing that he went to heaven and came back with pictures of how the place looks like. But, unfortunately he is yet to release the pictures. He has been lambasted by many for making mockery of the church and claiming the Jesus has a Xhosa wife.
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