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Oby Ezekwesili Disappointed in Buhari's Reaction to Missing Chibok Girls Issue



Former Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili, has reacted to President Buhari’s comment in his CNN interview where he stated that he has not seen the proof of life video released last month by CNN where 15 of the Chibok girls were recorded by Boko Haram showing they are alive and well. In the interview, President Buhari said he has to protect his own emotions in issues pertaining to the missing girls.
“I haven’t seen that video but even if I see it, I will be very careful about showing it to the families. There is no point to deliberately raise hopes of the families if you can’t meet them. I saw the families as a group twice. One, they came to visit my wife, two, they came as a group to see me and the less I see them the better for my own emotional balance. I try to imagine y 14 year old daughter, 14-18, missing for more than two years and trying to imagine what condition are they in. A lot of the parents will rather see their grave than imagine the condition they are in now. Its tragic”
he said Ezekwesili feels Buhari’s comments are disappointing.
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