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Nigerian Real Estate Merchant Allegedly Duped US Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump $1 billion



Michael Chudi Ejekam, a real estate developer formally with the Bayrock group headquartered in New York and Actis, a major development firm who were involved in the building and development of the Ikeja mall,has found himself in some hot water regarding an extortion scheme with Jody Kriss, a former CEO of the Bayrock group situated in the United States which involves Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.
Michael Chudi Ejekam and Jody Kriss find themselves deep in the Bayrock legal mess in which for the past three years, they have been accused of being central players in a $1 billion extortion scheme against Bayrock themselves, as well as Donald and Ivanka Trump, and several dozen other high-profile individuals, law firms, politicians, and real estate companies.
With the threat of damaging consequences to both his career and his liberty, Ejekam fled the United States for Nigeria and began work with Actis as the West Africa Director of Real Estate.
Upon finding out about Ejekam’s legal troubles, Actis fired him from their employ.
Even the attorneys representing Kriss and Ejekam have troubles of their own. Frederick Oberlander has an animal abuse case to answer and Richard Lerner was recently removed from his firm.
Both lawyers have been referred multiple times for criminal prosecution in the case. Issues arose regarding their unethical and illegal practices in obtaining and using sealed government documents as evidence in the suit, putting several defendants’ lives in danger.
They are trying to battle the case and the many criminal investigation referrals brought against them.
Charges are currently imminent in the case and the US Attorney’s office in New York’s Northern District is just biding its time, finishing up investigations before making things official and public.
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