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Is Hollywood Actor Jaden Smith Son of Will Smith Gay?



Do you know Jaden Smith? Incase you don’t, he is the son of Will and Jada Smith. And he was the star kid in the block buster movie “Karate Kids.” If you notice one thing about this boy, he loves dressing like a woman and I hope we are not seeing a future transgender in this one.
And not only that, from his dispositions and attitudes towards the opposite sex and men as well. He has been captured in various compromising positions with guys, though he has a girlfriend, who is even older than himself.
Well, his parents were once accused of being “Gay hypocrites” by one famous American star as well, who happens to be a famous lesbian, but they kept silent on the accusation made by the said the star.
The boy has his life to live anyway and he is entitled to display his orientation about sex.

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