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Biafra Remembrance Rally In Anambra Turns Bloody (Photos)



At Uga junction in Anambra state Ipob called on air to report that the Navy are asking everyone raise up their hands and shooting sporadically.
At Asaba Ipob are destroying the police Van in anger of how they were attacked by the police
A combined force of civil defense, mobile police, army and navy are still at Nkpor junction round about, and towards St Edmond Catholic Church waiting for ipob coming for heroes remembrance.
Ifeanyi Ugwu called on air to bash those Biafrans in the zoo army and police for watching while their people are being killed by the Hausa soldier
The Nigeria army and police in Nkpor are killing our people and taking their corpses to an unknown destination
A caller on Radio Biafra from Nkpor is reporting that police are shooting sporadically and Ipob in the location are running for their dear lives
Our injured ipob brethren who were shot are now in Boromi hospital Onitsha
Female caller who out of emotional pain could not say her name shedded tears and said that they are killing our people and she is currently in a hospital where some of them are
At Nkpor Junction 3 Biafrans were shot and their bodies taken to an unknown destination
Markets were shut down in Onitsha today in remembrance of our Heroes. The whole place is blocked with Biafrans heading to the venue despite army patrolling
Gun shots are being fired recklessly at IPOB right now at Eke Nkpor, another 5 persons are down and dead.
Six people who came from Aba, were among those who were Killed by the army while passing the night at St Francis Catholic Church.
Saboteurs whose intention was to play politics are everywhere. They were the ones that leaked the location of St. Francis where they killed Biafrans.
From where we were standing at Nkpor junction, the Zoo Army just passed with about 7 vehicles convoy carrying over 20 corpses of Biafrans that they killed
The Nigerian army has blocked all road that leads to Nkpor, no vehicle or human being is allowed to pass, right now, the zoo army are regrouping themselves to strike again. They want to attack peaceful ipob. Some Biafrans are hiding in Buses for safety.. The Nigerian Army are regrouping now to attack.
Northern Fulanis Reportedly to have joined in the Shooting of Unarmed Biafran Citizens.
It has been reported that the army deposited 8 bodies I their barracks now.

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