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Reasons Why You Shouldn't Laminate Your Certificates! (MUST READ)



Some people are yet to accept the fact that laminating certificates can cost you a job or life time opportunity, so I took my time to collect some people’s opinion and experiences. Kindly read them below carefully;

1.) I was overwhelmed when i was handed my licence and certificate after my oath taking n convocation respectively. The next thing that crossed my mind was to go and protect it with a permanent, termite resistant lamination only for my happiness to b ruined at home. My cousin on seeing my laminated cert n licence told me that i ve rendered them useless that employees no longer accept laminated cert. I asked why n he said that fake cert are concealed by lamination as d genuiness can’t b detected with a computer. I asked other people n they confirmed it. So if ur planning 2 laminate ur cert ask questions b4 dat

2)Back in the days when ordinary conqueror papers were used for certificates, one for sure can laminate…But now, most schools have some kinda security imprint on the paper which can’t be seen with the nakëd was during my registration in NYSC camp that I got to know my undergraduate certificate had some other designs when placed under blue fluorescent light(that’s what I saw tho). A guy was delayed for hours as his certificate was laminated and no special designs(security prints) could be detected under the blue light…

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For me, I would suggest certificates shouldn’t be laminated…Even my primary school certificate is still as new as received..rain and oil drops? I don’t think that’s an excuse to get a certificate laminated

3).Lamination of certificates makes it look fake instead buy a plastic envelop and store the certification inside

4).I learnt not to laminate my documents. You can keep all in a safe bag or nylon bag.
I laminated my WAEC certificate & almos missed a job cos they kept sending for the document Had to go to WAEC office

5).It’s true. After going through lots of stress to get my Original birth certificate, I quickly laminated it to have it protected. I got to one of our Embassies only to have it rejected. Had to apply for a re-issue.

6).Even some Embassies and Organization are complaining now.

7).I suggest you put your certificates in a photo of picture frame where they can be easily removed at will. Lamination is a NO!!! If you ever have any international plans.
Please take it from me.

8).Laminated ORIGINAL certificates can not be NOTARIZED
If you intend using your certificate outside the country of origin, then do NOT laminate your certificate
About employees (in nigeria) not accepting laminated certificate because of ingenuity. I don’t know when that started, but I’m aware employees can request a verification from the certifying body.
If you must laminate, don’t laminate from a quack who would end up ruining your certificate right before your eyes!

9).I personally dismantled my laminating machine in my office, I always try to make people realised how needless it is to laminate documents

Believe those point above are enough to convince you, please do feel free to use the comment box below to drop your opinion. Thanks
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