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Reason For Delay in Payment of March 2016 NYSC Allowance



The NYSC allowance for the month of March 2016 is been delayed, even up to the 8th day of the month of April being Friday and it’s very much evident that the delay will reach the 10th day of April. The batch A 2015 and batch B 2015 are affected by this unpredicted delay in payment of the allowance, despite the fact that Batch A 2015 will be passing out this 14th month of April and are seriously in need of this allowance for proper preparation of the winding up or the POP.
NYSC have not made any statement regarding the cause of the delay in payment of the March allowance as at the time of this publication. We hope to give feedback regarding new development about the allowance payment.
Meanwhile some corps members has voiced their anger on social media, below is one of the Tweet by a serving or should I say starving corps member.
But before then you can drop your comments below for Ideas regarding this issue.
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