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"I've Lost Many Roles For Denying Producers Sex" – Actress Sunshine Cries Out (Photos)



One of the youngest and brightest brains in Nollywood at the moment is Ufedo Sunshine, who is not only endowed intellectually, but physically as well had an exclusive interview with this week in which she pours out her mind about the situation of Nollywood.
Born Ufedo B. Itodo Osuala in Jos from a Christian background is a fast-rising Nollywood actress and entrepreneur. She had her primary education in Bauchi State, and secondary education in Abuja and Kogi state. She Went further to study Human Resources Management from University of Ghana 2014 (Knutsford).
Sunshine who also doubles as the owner of Bemztouch, a fashion house in Lekki, describes acting as a passion which began for her at age 10…
“But I started acting professionally when I was in the university in Ghana. A friend of mine told me about this movie coming up then, he took me to the audition venue, I was auditioned and given the role. It was challenging being my first job then, and I was nervous,” she said.
Ask what she considered her biggest selling point as an actress? Ufedo said; “My delivery and performance when acting are my selling points. I’m generally in my zone whenever I’m in front of the camera.”
But Ufedo Sunshine’s unique selling point doesn’t just end there; her biggest selling point is her backside and lips…
“Let’s say my back view and lips are my strongest selling points physically. My first movie made me realise that. My colleagues were like “you are endowed”. When I changed into another costume, the Director was like “wow!”
Sunshine who has acted in movies such as “Nollywood Scandal”, “The Grave Dust”, “Undercover Lover”, “School Party 1 to 4”, “No more Luv”, “Henna”, etc. And I have acted alongside the likes of Zack Orji, Joseph Benjamin, Ramson Noah, Joke Silva, Alex Ekubo, Annie Idibia, John Dumelo and more, bares her mind about producers and directors demanding sex from young actresses before they can be given a role;
“The industry is somehow. I believe that if you know what you stand for as an individual, you would not fall for such. There are some Producers and Directors out there asking girls for sex in exchange for a role, and the thing is once you do it, you would have to continue that way. It’s a bad way to start and push your career.”
Asked if any director or producer ever demanded sex from her while starting out and what was her reaction as she confided in
Oh yes! Not once not twice. Some boldly said to me “if you don’t give in then forget the role” I have lost couple of acting jobs due to my refusal. But I’m glad I did not give in. When you have God you have everything, that’s me. I feel sorry for the desperate girls falling like chickens. They are the ones giving the industry a terrible name.
The actress/ fashion-house-owner also expressed her disappointment over the fake lifestyle of most Nollywood star. “Some of them will be showing off what they can’t really afford, while they are struggling to pay their bills”, Sunshine said.
“Fake lifestyle some actors live is appalling. The flashy lifestyle, the show off on social media. Get closer to them and see the real them, you would be disappointed. Today you would read so so so and so Actress just bought a house, tomorrow you would hear so so so and so actor has done this and that… Meanwhile most of them are struggling to meet up with the fake life. Most of them will be showing off what they can’t really afford, while they are struggling to pay their bills. It’s too much stress you know, just be you, any fan that can’t accept you the way you are then let it go”
She however said if there is anyone on the industry sh can date, then it must be Joseph Benjamin or Ramsey Nuoah. She states her reason;
“Yes I can date someone in the industry. Someone like Ramsey Nouah if he wasn’t married. Joseph Benjamin too isn’t bad. They are excellent in terms of acting, they are humble and and also good looking.”
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