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How To Become An NSE, COREN Registered Engineer In Nigeria



It is the pride of every Engineering graduate to have the title “Engr.” precede their names. It is for this reason that interviewed Engr. Ahmed Kazeem on the procedures required for a fresh engineering graduate to become a registered Engineer with the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) and Council for Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN). 
NSE and COREN are separate and different bodies so that they cannot be referred to interchangeably. The Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) is a voluntary association established by the practitioners of the profession while the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) is a statutory organ of Federal Government, established by decree and concerned with certificate of persons for the purpose of practicing the engineering profession in Nigeria.
After 5 years of studying an engineering course in an accredited university, a minimum of 4 years practice is required before you are qualified to apply for professional exams. The NYSC year inclusive of the 4years.
The professional exam is conducted by The Nigerian Society of Engineers. The exam is of three stages
Technical Report
Oral Interview and
Professional Exam.
Technical Report requires you to submit a report on an Engineering project or design which you have supervised or which you were part of. It can also be a sole project executed by you. The submitted technical report will be evaluated by NSE. If they are satisfied with the project, you proceed to the second stage for Oral Interview.
Oral Interview is aimed at testing your technical practical experience and understanding of some other issues that relate with being a member of a professional association.
The Professional exam comprises of different aspects; Essay writing, multi choice question, and others. Before the examination day, NSE organises about 3 workshops for the applicants.
After sitting for and passing the NSE professional exam, you are inducted as a corporate member of NSE, by this you can have the title Engr precede your name, and have MNSE (Member, Nigerian Society of Engineers) after your name. By obtaining the NSE Corporate membership certificate you are qualified to apply to COREN.
If your application with COREN is successful, you will be issued a COREN number and bear the title R.Eng, meaning: Registered Engineer.
Benefit of being a COREN registered Engineer.
To The Public
Registration protects the public from quacks, charlatans and unworthy persons;
It provides a strict yardstick against which the engineering professional may be judged on her ability to undertake specific responsibilities;
It assures that an independent body has examined the registered person and found him/her competent to be registered.
To The Employer
Registration assures a skill base to cope with new technologies and market changes;
It shows investors, analysis and customers of good quality of staff;Registration assures customers of professional standards to meet legal requirements
It demonstrates that the aspirations of new employees can be satisfied.
To The Individual
Registration provides proof of standard of education, training and experience;
It provides international recognition
It increases mobility across wide range of employment
It keeps the person abreast with latest developments
It stimulates career development
Registration creates opportunities for satisfying work
Finally, organisations who provide core engineering services are required to be COREN registered. One of the criteria for a company to be COREN registered some members of it board of directors must be COREN registered. Such directors are entitled to an annual professional fee from the company. This means by being a COREN registered engineer can earn your some “royalties”.
The NSE Corporate membership certificate also qualifies you to apply for corporate membership of any Engineering Division (NIMechE, MENA, Civil Division, Electrical Electronics division, mining division, water division, aviation divisional, naval division, e.t.c) without sitting for any other examination. Note that you will have to pay some fee to get certified as a corporate membership of these engineering divisions.
After serving as a member of NSE for a specified number of years, you are qualified to become a FNSE; Fellow Nigerian Society of Engineers, which is the peak of Engineering Titles.
FNSE is not an automatic title, a panel is set up to screen individuals to become Fellow of NSE. From experience becoming a FNSE is not solely determined by the number of years of being a menber, the years of being a practising engineer counts more.
Download syllabus for NSE corporate membership exam from
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