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Hmmm! I'm Trying To Restore My Virginity, So No To Sex With New Lover- Doris Simeon



In an interview with Showtime Celebrity, actress Doris Simeon opens up about her personal life and constant media battles with ex-husband Daniel Ademinokan and his lover, Stella Damasus. Below are excerpts from the interview.

It went viral that you attended a Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries MFM church to get your husband?
Were they there with me? I go to any church. I went there to pray to God. Thank God I was seen in a church and not with a herbalist.

How often do you see your son who clocked eight recently?
He stays with his dad. I really don’t want to say much about this because we are still in court.

What lessons did you learn from your previous marriage?
I want to be closer to God and put God first in everything I do.
Is there any man in the picture?
I never gave up on love. I have found love again in Jesus. I am married to my career right now. I am in a relationship anyway but I want to be private about it.

How soon should we expect the wedding bells?
He has to wait for me to achieve some things.

What’s your relationship with Stella Damasus?
I have no business with her.

If you are producing a movie, can you invite Stella Damasus as one of the casts?
Yes, I can, after all, she is an actress and money is involved. I can do business with an enemy provided it is strictly business. Why her when I can always go for others?
Do you sometimes wish you were still with your ex?
I don’t want him back. He is now in the past .
Having been separated from your husband but now in another relationship, how often do you have sex?
(laughs) I want to restore my virginity. I never thought of it but that will be whenever my man wants it.
What are the things you dislike about being in the limelight?
I have been robbed of my private life. My life is always out there. Anyway, I really don’t care because I knew that would happen even before I got into limelight.
It seems Nollywood parades many single mothers, why?
People think we are the only ones going through this, which is not true. A lot of people out there also experience same thing but since they are not in the limelight, nobody knows about them.

What’s your view on the increase in single parenthood?

I am not a supporter of single parenthood. I wasn’t taught or brought up that way but mine is a situation I find myself. I wouldn’t blame any one for it. Every man or woman has the right to live their life the way they choose but I wouldn’t advise or support such.

So, how is life as a single woman?
I thank God. My career and business are going on well. The only difference for me is that I don’t have to run home to cook for a husband. Life is still the same. I am normal with no problem. Life goes on.
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