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18-Year-Old Teenager Shots His Brother Dead Over a Girl



A teenager has shot his own brother dead because they both wanted the same girl. Dakota Thornton, 15, is in prison after he reportedly told police, ‘I shot my brother’.
The teenager from Dauphin County in Pennsylvania, US, was having an argument with his sibling Dominick, 18, over a girl they both liked, Fox reports.
Dauphin County District Attorney, Ed Marsico, said: “The brothers were having a dispute over a young lady. Both of them apparently were romantically interested in this young girl and that’s what led ultimately to the killing. It’s certainly unusual to have a case where a brother shoots and kills his brother especially the ages of these individuals.”
Dominick was killed in an apartment at around 2am on Wednesday morning and when police confronted the younger teenager, he allegedly put his hands in the air and confessed.
He now faces charges of first degree murder and possession of a weapon.
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