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Victor Moses Rues His Missed Goal



His electrifying moves, turning and twisting three Egyptian defenders in a row and his ferocious shot that beat the Egyptian goalkeeper but was stopped by the post remained one of the unlucky moments the Eagles would have drawn the game.
Victor Moses sent jitters to thousands of Egyptians each time he received the ball. Jeers and cat-calls and pointing of laser lights on his face to distract him could not stop him.
When the final whistle sounded, the West Ham player could not come to terms as how fate played out to see the Eagles missing out from qualifying for next year’s African Cup of Nations party in Gabon.
”It’s sad. It’s one of those things about this game. I feel bad that it ended this way”, he said.
If he had scored the goal, it would have restored parity and kept Nigerians hoping and praying for a miracle. But as it is, we’re still in a dream.
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