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Photo Of American President, Barrack Obama With Family In Church Without Any Security



I couldn’t help post this photograph of President Obama of America. I bet he wouldn’t have been allowed to take a seat in church anywhere else except the front row if he were to be an African president.
I often wondered aloud many times where Africans, and I generally mean Africans that live in Africa get their warped Attitude and Mindset (A.M) from?
Africans that live outside Africa immediately conform to the etiquette of the right and endearing selfless A.M. They have to conform because the system, say in UK or America wouldn’t encourage such selfishness.
Its when they get back to the continent of Africa where they aren’t allowed to carry their briefcase or polish their shoes that all hell breaks loose. Honestly, it will be beyond many Africans to imagine any person publicly recognized as a leader not take a front seat. It will stretch their imagination to consider a Nigerian President for instance not to be seated on the front row. Its just not done! They will blame it not on culture this time, but on PROTOCOL. Such a scene would not make any Nollywood film credible if it were to be included in its script. What a shame!
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