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Photo: Checkout This New Nigerian Pageant For Ladies With Big Hips



You guys have heard of all sorts of pageants but I bet this will make you speechless. Lol!. The First ever pageant for Nigerian women with the most outstanding hips is set to take place this year.
While all over the world, there are all sorts of unique pageants, one of which is “Miss Bumbum” brazil, a contest for “Big Hips” is something we are yet to hear about even despite the many pageants in Nigeria that focus on ladies with slim waistline.

Tagged ‘Mega Hips Contest’, according to the organizers of the event, Multi Megacity Concept Limited, Mega Hips contest is designed to showcase and appreciate pretty ladies with big Hips.
According to them, one of the most attractive features the African woman is endowed with is the hips, however it is saddening that because these hips is what attracts most men to the women, many young ladies have chosen to monetise their hips by living an irresponsible life.

Instead of sleeping around with men for money, Mega Hips Contest wants to pass a message to all women that they needs to value their hips more, hence a contest to celebrate certain women with the best structured hips.

“Ofcourse those who do not make the finals of the contest, will go home with consolation prizes and more importantly, is the fact that they will go home feeling better about themselves know their hips are something to adore, rather than something for men to feast on or something to sell cheap,” said the organisers.

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‘We decided to showcase our beautiful ladies in different ways which was the reason we came up with Mega Hips Contest. As you all know, a lot of beauty pageants have been held in the world, but Mega Hip Contest is first of its kind. Apart from the contest, we will also present our ambassadors during the day of unveiling’ said, chairman Mega City Concept.

According to report, Mega Hips Contest which is set to hold in a grandstyle by August 2016 in Lagos will see the winner, “Miss Mega Hips” go home with a sport car and other mouth-watering prices which includes free international trips including France; while other winners will be highly motivated and appreciated with various attractive prices.

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