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LOL! Man Opens Emergency Exit of a Plane To “Get Some Fresh Air” (PHOTOS)



 A man opened the emergency exit door when his flight was about to take off on Wednesday, because he “just wanted to get some fresh air”, according to reports. The morning flight from Chengdu to Urumqi in China was delayed for nearly an hour, while airport ground staff shut the door, investigated the man and carried out further safety checks and procedures on the plane. The man explained that he mistook the handle to the emergency door for a lever that could be used to roll down the window (like seriously??) A member of staff at Chengdu Airport warned that the plane’s emergency door could only be opened under emergency. Any passenger who deliberately opens the door and causes losses to airline companies could face a fine and even a criminal detention. It remains unknown whether or not the man will face criminal charges or be blacklisted from air-travel.

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