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LMAO: "Amaechi Loses His Temper On A Presenter Who Exposed His Hipocrisy On Live Radio"



The Minister of Transport, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, who is known for his more than stellar reputation to stir controversies and spill vitriols is on the news again, yet for another wrong reason.
The Minister who is in Rivers State ahead of the rerun elections scheduled to be held on Saturday, March 19, 2016, had a complete meltdown, nearly lost his mind and walked off mid-broadcast during an interview at Love FM in the River’s State capital of Port-Harcourt.
Amaechi had said “I think Wike should resign because he has failed Rivers state. The insecurity in the state is alarming.”
Responding, the presenter said “Very interesting, Hon. Minister that you are calling for the resignation of Governor Wike. Would you also call for the resignation of President Buhari, since we all know that the security situation in the country has only got worse since he assumed office?”
The question posed by the presenter appears to have ridiculed Mr. Amaechi’s argument that Gov. Wike should resign, as it seemed to have either struck a chord or exposed Amaechi hypocritical dispositions on matters concerning his Governor and the President.
Shocked by the boldness of the presenter, Amaechi, lashed back at her for asking such a question, describing the question as “silly”.
He defended the All Progressive Congress (APC)-led government, by alleging that the security situation in the country has not gone worse, adding that he was on the platform to discuss Rivers state and nothing more.
If you don’t have any other question to ask me, I get out of here. What kind of silly question is that? Who told you that the security situation has gone worse in Nigeria? I am here to discuss Rivers state,” he said.
The presenter quickly responded by stating that it was only a simple question.
She said, “…. you just called for the resignation of…”
Before she was done speaking, Amaechi interjected her saying, “Just shut up …..”
The horrified presenter later apologized to listeners for the minister’s crude behavior.
Mr. Amaechi seemed to be having excruciating political moment since the Supreme court affirmed the election of political arch-rival, Barr. Nyesom Wike as Governor of River’s State.
The former Rivers Governor has been going from one media house to the other throwing tantrums and making provocative remarks about Gov. Nyesom Wike and his associates, turning himself into an object of derision.
Mr. Amaechi’s remarkable ignorance about national affairs always gets him into trouble. And every time he tries to reassure, he digs the hole deeper.
Reacting, a public affairs commentator, Mr. Jeff Ossai said: “Amaechi is a very bitter man, and this is the very brand of bitterness that has led many politician into the abyss.”
Another commentator who spoke to THE WHISTLER Mr. Emeka Omuorah wondered why Buhari with all his goodwill before the election, trusted a man like Amaechi with a cabinet position, he said: “Why, at a moment when Nigeria desperately needs it’s best hands, would Buhari recruit the clowns?”
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