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"My Lagos Wife Beat Me, Battered My Manhood & Poured Pepper On It"



John Ayoade, a 42-year-old man, has begged an Alimosho Customary Court sitting in Lagos State, to dissolve his five-year-old marriage to his wife Deborah Oriade, for fear of his life, citing her brutality and maltreatment.
Ayoade who narrated to the court how his wife had taken on the habit of beating him at will, said she had beaten more than 10 times, even in public. According to the complainant, on one occasion, Oriade attacked his manhood until it started bleeding and not yet done, she dashed into the kitchen, brought ground pepper and poured it on his bleeding joystick.
“I didn’t marry her legally. In fact, I’m married. I have my first wife. Deborah and I were only dating. We met at the Sawmill where we both sell building materials. She always comes to my shop to complain to me about her former husband. It was in that process I developed interest in her.”
Ayoade continued that two years into their relationship, Oriade came to tell him that she was pregnant but that he rejected the pregnancy because before they started having sex, he had already told her that he didn’t want any kid, especially not out of wedlock and she had agreed to the proposal.
“Moreover, I still love my legal wife. When Deborah delivered the baby, she named him Emmanuel. I was not aware. After the naming ceremony, she started behaving strangely.
Some of my friends advised me to report the matter at the palace of Elegbeda, where I was asked to cater for the upkeep of the baby. I have been doing that since last year.”
Ayoade went on that after the traditional ruler ordered him to take up the responsibility of the child and did everything he could to cater for him and his mother, she was still not satisfied.
“One fateful day, she came to my house and pounced on my house wife. She beat her mercilessly. The matter was reported to the police and later transferred to the State Criminal Investigative Department (SCID), Panti, Yaba, for threatening the life of my family member.
Since I met her, I have not known peace. If I had known that is the kind of woman she is, I wouldn’t have approached her. I have developed hypertension since we started this clash.
Even in my matrimonial home, I don’t have peace. I can’t concentrate anymore on my business. It was after I met her I knew she is from Ilesha. I have been advised by my father not to marry any woman from that part of the country.”
But Oriade, a mother of three, denied the allegations leveled against her by Ayoade, saying she loves him and would not want to leave him because of the child they have together.
“I love him. I don’t want to leave him because he is the father of my son. He is the one who came to file for divorce in the court. If not because of the problem I had with my former husband, I wouldn’t have come across him. I had two children in my former marriage.
When the problem between me and my former husband was still raging, I always confided in Ayoade. It was in the process that we fell in love and got married. The marriage produced a baby boy. Before my son came, I had two abortions for Ayoade.
My problem with him is that he doesn’t want to recognize my son as one of his children. This is why I went to his house and introduced myself to his wife. I didn’t fight her.”
The President of the court, Alhaja S.O Mumini , told the couple that because the rightful father of the baby was in doubt, a DNA test will be conducted to know the real father, while the case was adjourned to March 15, 2016.

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