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"My Good Friend Has Slept With The Girl I Want To Marry, What Should I Do?"



One of readers just sent this:
I have this friend whom I never had plans of dating when we met but we got close. I went out with her to see a friend, though she believed so much in me which usually makes her to seek my decision for anything.
On this Faithful night, I was with her in a friend’s place whom I usually let my girls sleep over his place or let them have fun with him. When the guy (James- not real name) saw her he was practically all over her and eventually invited her inside but before she went in she was looking at me for a rejection sign or reaction but I did nothing.

After about 30mins she came out of the room with the guy (James) only for her to tell me she had slept with the guy that she would not have if I told her what I was up to. I felt sad but did not confront the guy because we were close. From that moment it dawn on me that I was loving this same girl (Anita -not real name).
James was not interested in a relationship with Anita because he was already married. Now my challenge is that I have not slept with her but we seem to be both in love. Even her parents are known to me well and I desire to marry her but the thought of my friend (James) haven slept with her which ofcourse he will play a good role in my wedding kills me silently.
Do I still go ahead and propose to her since we are now dating or she won’t be a wife material?
The truth is that James is not aware yet we are now dating, Anita tells me everything and has long apologised.

What should I do? Do I go ahead with her or should I seek someone else?

I love Anita, I believe Anita loves me, James is my pal whom I believe will feel guilty if he finds out he actually slept with a girl I finally wish to marry,

Please your advice sir or from other readers
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