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Actor Charles Okocha Thanks God In Grand Style After Surviving 6 Bullet Shots (Photos)



The Nollywood Actor couldn’t control his emotions as he broke down to tears of joy, during thanksgiving service to celebrate his miraculous survival of 6 stray bullet shots.
Nollywood actor Charles Okocha, who survived near fatal bullet wounds from six stray bullets in December last year – held a thanksgiving service at his church on Sunday March 6, to thank God for sparing his life.
Charles was accompanied by his father, mother and son, Sean. The actor broke down in tears as he went down on his knees, praising God for a second chance at life.
Recall on December 27, 2015, Charles was hit six times after a trigger happy mobile police officer shot carelessly at a burial ceremony in Nnewi. A second victim who was hit by one bullet, died on the spot. But Charles who was hit by six bullets that penetrated his stomach and intestines, survived!
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