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Signs That Shows You May Never Be Successful In Life! (MUST READ)



We all know that one of the basic goals of man on earth aside survival is to be successful!
Success or been successful can be described as achieving of results wanted or hoped for; this may include getting things done, achieving varying goals and positions in the society.
To be a success is one drive every man has and actualizing success most times is a lifelong goal for every individual on earth.
In the midst of the basic drive for success, we still have breeds and handful of underachievers and unsuccessful individuals.
They keep failing and going in cycles. These are attributes most people will say are dependent on a lot of uncontrollable factors like spirituality, moral standing.
The points below will show you what you need to know about hindrances you are facing towards being successful in life and i advise that you read objectively;
The very first sign you should look out for in your quest for success is how decisive and independent you are.
Can you make drastic decisions without seeking the consent and validation of others?
Are you still dependent on parents, friends etc. for your daily survival?
Making decisions are the litmus test that shows your readiness and maturity as a man who will be a potential success and a decreased level of dependence on others (parents, friends, partner, spouse etc.) for survival really shows that you are on of a kind and also on the right course.
Been able to call the shots and making decisions on your own most times coupled with your independence will go a long way to tell the world of your arrival, but if negative, well you will never find it easy becoming a success!
A goal is more like an aim or purpose that you drive towards to actualize your aspirations of been a success.
Having no goal is as good as living a purposeless life because you will not also be privy to make great plans.
Planning is really important to your general quest for success, a popular saying goes thus “he who fails to plan, plans to fail”.
Setting plans is more like putting up structures and landmarks that will guide you to an inevitable success.
Planning is important because without a set down pattern to follow to achieving your goals, you are definitely going to remain a complete failure and success will be very far from your reach.
The idea of social interaction is cemented on your relationship with others and how well you can tailor and adapt yourself to the current trend and opinions of others.
It is ideal to be worried and concerned about how people see you and regard, it is even more great to know there opinion of you, but this can also be your greatest undoing.
People will always talk and not everyone will like you, but the moment you realize it is your life you are living and not theirs, then it is imperative to know that they are not really supposed to tell you how to live your life.
Constantly seeking validation and approval from others by trying to act to their requirements and request will do you a greater harm in your quest for success.
I will advise that you listen more but act your best without trying to please everyone, otherwise, you will just be the next in number amongst the most underachieved and unsuccessful people on earth!
Chance is the level of possibility or likelihood that something will happen, and seriously is this what you want to bank on?
The earlier you learn that things don’t just get done on their own the better for you and your success drive.
Nothing really happens by chance and even if, it will never be better than anticipated or when It is really and fully controlled.
Take charge of everything around you no matter how minute or even in-cognizant. Don’t ever leave anything to chance because you will never get what you really want or sincerely deserve.
Begin to push for things and don’t sit with arms crossed doing nothing, my analogy of getting things done is.
“If I did not do it or I don’t have an input towards its actualization, then it’s not mine and it’s not worth anything!”
Nothing good comes easy and anything by chance is mostly not good except you are content with the bottom of the success chain left only for mediocre.
Now this is a grave situation, a man who looses focuses easily and don’t even know what he wants is a directionless entity, it would have been advisable not to be alive.
You should have a focus as an human being which will give you a clear cut direction on what ypu need to do to achieve what you want. But not even knowing what you want at first is already a negative drive on your focus.
As a man, you should begin to write out achievable wants and set motions to achieve them by fixing your efforts and focus on them.
A man without focus and direction can never achieve anything, the best he can do in that condition is to fail consecutively.
If you ever want to succeed, you have to be focused.
The signs above already have shown you that you are either on the path to success or failure and it is left to you to change course or improve on the positive.
Been successful is a collective and cumulative effort and it all starts from when you make up your mind to start working towards it.
Success is not for the faint-hearted but for those that can take charge and weather the storm no matter the turbulence!

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