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Julius Agwu Pens Funny Reply to Charly Boy's Rant on His Show In Abuja



Charly Boy’s words against Julius Agwu, when he called his show ‘life as I see it ’ boring, because Julius was preaching rather than making people laugh with comedy. Charly Boy is someone who loves controversy and Agwu was just his target at that point. The comedian did not reply since, and everyone thought he would let it pass. Just when people’s mind was off the whole story , Julius Agwu replied,I guess Charly Boy himself didn’t see it coming, neither would he have expected this kind of reply from Julius.
Julius responded this morning by posting a photo on his page which showed someone dressed in a similar way like Charly Boy , describing the person as Charly Boy’s role model. He also mocked Charly Boy hand accessories and called them zinc not gold. It was so hilarious, we just hope both of them do not take this issue to another unexpected level and let it all end.
“Charly Boy’s role model, all that glitters is zinc.”

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