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“I Forgive You For Beating My Daughter” – Rihanna’s Father Tells Chris Brown



Rihanna’s dad has admitted finding it “tough” to hear his daughter singing on her new album about the savage beating she suffered from Chris Brown – but says he has forgiven her ex.
Ronald Fenty told the Mirror:
“Chris will always have a place in our family and my heart. He respects me, calls me pops and I like him – despite what happened. He’s very talented and always humble. I’d support them being together.”

The album Anti which hit the charts at No7 yesterday, features the track Love On The Brain in which Rihanna sings: “It beats me black and blue but it f**** me so good / And I can’t get enough.”

It can be intrepreted to imply she was happy to stay in the violent relationship for the sex.
And Ronald says: “I like her stories but this song was tough to listen to.”

Brown punched and bit the singer in an attack in 2009, but the couple rekindled their relationship while he was completing five years probation. They split again in 2013.

Fenty even claimed a biker gang offered to extract revenge on Chris – but he declined, because he wanted to do it himself.
He added:

“It was a very difficult time for the whole family. Nobody wants to see their daughter hurt. I remember I had a phone call from one of her old security guards, he told me he and a biker gang were going to ride to Chris for revenge.”
Speaking from his home in Barbados, a 10-hour flight from Los Angeles where the domestic violence incident happened, Ronald admits:

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“I was angry but it’s a long way to go, I wanted to go. I told them to give me a few days because I felt like doing it myself, you know? I was going to fly in, get picked up from LAX and ride to Chris’ place so I could do it myself.

When I called him the next day to arrange everything I cooled down and put a stop to it. She doesn’t know about this, she was going through enough.”

Brown pled guilty to felony assault and was slapped with a restraining order which Rihanna, whose real name is Robyn Fenty, voluntarily removed as the pair later rekindled their relationship.

This week, the singer said she is single, adding: “I can’t even find the time to entertain a steady relationship or anything serious.”

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