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GRAPHIC PHOTOS: Robber Burnt Alive Today In Benue State



I was in a class teaching, my principal informed of an barbaric incidence in Aliade Local Government of Benue State. Some Gangs of thieves of (Motor Cycle snatchers) that have been operating for long attacked a guy riding Okada to survive his day to day life activities, coincidentally thethieves go after him and remove the nose of the bike owner, and injured him menacely.
Those people protecting the life and properties of people in the village called “Vigilante Group of Aliade”, go after those thieves and caught one of them, brought him to the middle of the village and burn him to ashes.
My take:
I have not seen a single police man in the scene, either to come for an incidence reports or to come for overlook, I wonder and think of those that steal our billions of Naira in the federal level (ARM ROBBERS) and State level belonging to the masses being from one court to another, lying whole over the medias, and they are steal alive with roasting to into ashes.
Why is it only the poor’s where being killed without taking them to court, extracting the court hearing.
We the poor have to wake up and stop killing our brothers and sisters just because of little change that can be spent for a day.
See photos below.

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