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6 Catholic Seminarians Die In Motor Accident (Viewers' Discretion Advised)



Please, kindly pray for the souls of 6 Seminarians of St Joseph Ikote ekpene who died on motor accident today @Enugu. They are going to Ibadan for all Major seminaries game and have accident.
My heart is heavy o lord my heart is heavy, death why? Emmy so we are not going to see again, dozie the future hope of st joseph’s catholic church okofia otolo nnewi is gone. Behold my six brothers lying lifelessly on the ground.
Last week was sisters and today is 6 Seminarians of St Joseph major seminary Ikote ekpene and who will be next tomorrow? God into your hands we commit our spirit. May you grant them a merciful judgment.
It is a fundamental Christian conviction that man lives on after physical death. Insights concerning life after death can be found in Holy Scripture. Beyond that, the doctrine of the afterlife is based on revelations of the Holy Spirit. Weep no more cos our brothers, friends is in a good place of life after death. Resquicant pace!!!

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