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11 Qualities That Show A Lady Will Become A Stingy Wife



It perplexes me when a lady often nags and finds fault in everything just because her boyfriend is going through difficult time but the moment he climbs the ladder of success and achieves greatness, she will start being tolerant and nice even though she has been a nagging girlfriend.
When this character is noticed in a lady, it should ring a bell to you guys that careful tactic need to be employ when dealing with such lady.
Below are the evidences that shows a lady will become very stingy when you marry her.
1. She presents inferior gifts to her boyfriend
For a lady who present inferior gifts such as N100 recharge card, mallam perfume, slippers, china boxers and singlets as birthday gift for her boyfriend shows that she will become a stingy and disastrous wife. It’s a shameful thing to see how some ladies treat their boyfriends like a worthless dog hereby presenting an inferior gift to a guy who went extra mile to please them during their birthday celebration.
2. She doesn’t want to lose anything
Some ladies are so stingy that they share similar characteristics with our policemen. When you visit them, you will be the one to spend, when they visit you, you will still be the one to spend. These kind of ladies are stingy and will contribute nothing in marriage.
3. She always claim to be broke
A lady who always claims to be broke at all time when her account is actually fat indicates that the probability is high for her to become a home wrecker. Such ladies are only interested in what a guy can offer financially but immediately things turn sour, you won’t see their brake light again.
4. I can’t spend on guys
It’s a huge blow on ladies whose brains are wired to the belief that financial responsibilities and pressure should only be mounted on guys while the ladies go about flexing. As a result of this, many of them see marriage as a route to escape from poverty. Some of them will even say that they can never call a guy who sends them recharge card (what a wack mentality). These kind of ladies can’t help build a home.
5. She can’t Lend her Boyfriend Money
It’s very shameful that many useless ladies always claim that they can’t respect their boyfriends if they borrow him money. This is nothing but bullshit. The last time I check, relationship is give and take and it should emanate from both side. Never even consider walking down the aisle with such a lady.
6. She hates the idea of doing dutch on dates
I have seen cases where some stingy ladies grumble and murmur like children of Israel saying that their boyfriends do not love them just because their boyfriends demanded that the bill be splitted and paid by each party when on date. These categories of ladies will end up causing problems in the family as they are stubborn headed to pool resources together.
7. She’s desperate to know her boyfriend’s monthly income
I don’t really blame guys who are bent on not disclosing their monthly income to their girlfriend, this is because many ladies are only curious to know so that they will know how to bring up cooked up stories to scam him. Survey has it that any lady who is desperate to know her boyfriend’s monthly income is nothing but a selfish lady. Desist from such a lady.
8. She wants everything for free
They always advocate no sex before marriage yet they want everything for free while they are not ready to pay a sacrifice. However, ladies who want everything on a platter of gold need to understand that a guy will never cherish you if you are always at the receiving end. Guys like it when they beg a lady to accept their money or gifts. Ladies of this nature will become stingy wives.
9. She’s Too Obsessed With Suya
I don’t think I can ever marry a lady who likes suya and asun so much. If care is not taken, the larger proportion of my salary will go with it.. Guys, na to grab race for such ladies oooo
10. She Only Flashes And Sends “Please call me
Research has it that ladies who are very economical with their call credit are very risky to marry. However, some of them will have 2,000 on their phones and will still be sending “please call me” to their boyfriends who only have N10 on their phones. Marry such ladies at your peril
11. She’s Very Demanding Yet She Tells You No Sex Till Marriage
Before you bite me, please note a lady who is very demanding, she’s not a virgin yet she’s bent on no sex till marriage, always have something up her sleeves and I will advise you grab race sharp sharp. I won’t even recommend such ladies for my enemies. When you marry such a lady, she will always use sex to starve or torment each time you offend her.

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