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Woman Dies After Getting HIV/AIDS From Sexual Affair With Senator Hope Uzodinma



Nze Ebubeagu Ekenulo is an activist, a businessman, with interests, in real estate publishing and car hire service. His wife, Hon.Ukachi Amaechi who lost her life in December, 2015 after HIV complications was buried yesterday.
He spoke to ANAYO OHAEKELEM on how Senator Hope Uzodinma allegedly infected his wife, Ukachi Ekenulo aka Ukachi Amaechi a former member of Imo State House of Assembly with HIV.
Senator Hope Uzodinma is my Senator. I want to be proud, that have a responsible and credible Senator. Also everyone from that Orlu zone, who is close to the senator know his up bringing and background will accept he ever got admitted into any University, not to talk of graduating from FUTO because we all knew him in his growing up days.
As far as I am concerned Sen. Hope Uzodinma is a secondary school dropout. He worked in a bakery in Lagos and also worked as a driver to Maurice and Goddy Ibekwe. He was also a driver to the Evuleocha family in Mbaise. None of these people will tell you that this man ever went to FUTO or any University. Why would a Senator who didn’t attend any University be lying?
On my marriage, I am a victim of Sen.Hope Uzodinma. I was married to a young woman I trained in the University. The lady finished from the University as a teenager, after which she did her youth service at my office in Lagos. She never worked or engaged in any business. She was in my house, I was taking very good care of her, Somehow we ran into Owelle Rochas Okorocha, and we started politics, then it was All Nigerians People Party (ANPP) that was how my wife Mrs. Ukachi Ekenulo joined politics, with my approval and my consent, I trusted her a hundred percent.
The next thing my wife was HIV Positive.
Before that time, I have been hearing that my wife is messing up with sen. Hope Uzodinma. You know of course if someone’s wife is messing up, her husband will be the last person to know. People will know and will be gossiping about it but you the husband will be the last person to know. Then I took my time and investigated and discovered that my wife was actually messing up with Hope Uzodinma.
After my investigation I discovered that something was actually going on and I discovered my wife was actually HIV Positive. She went to Advance Medical Centre Owerri and conducted a test and it was then she called me that she was HIV Positive. I said you have HIV she said yes, I said how come she said she doesn’t know I now told her to take the next available flight to Lagos and she did. Upon her arrival in Lagos, I took her to Havana Specialist Hospital Limited, Surelere, Lagos, and a test was conducted on both of us and she was positive and I was negative.
I still didn’t believe it.
We went to Lagos State Teaching Hospital (LUTH) and a test was conducted again on both of us and hers was positive and mine was negative. We now went to World Health Organization Centre, Yaba, for another test and it was the same thing. So gentlemen of the press it was then I now believed that she is HIV positive.
You know what I did?
I wrote a letter to Sen. Hope Uzodinma I posted the letter to him with the results of the series of test conducted on both of us and told him to please leave her alone, that I have heard that he is messing up with my wife. But after that, do you know what happened?
My wife moved out of her matrimonial home to Sen. Hope Uzodinma’s house in Abuja. You know Uzodinma has no wife, He divorced his wife since 1996 and since then he is yet to re-marry. My wife abandoned her kids and her marriage.
What I heard was Sen. Uzodinma boasting all over the place that he wants to marry my wife, a woman with four children although a boy and a girl are dead, but two girls are still alive.
When I discovered all these, I complained to very close friends of Hope Uzodinma, people I thought are responsible and told them that my wife is HIV positive, you know the saying that bird of the same feather flock together, so they started saying all sort of things about me.
One of them even told me that a man who is broke, if they collect his wife is it a bad thing? This person is not as rich as I am, he is not from the kind of family background I come from. I come from the family background that except God, nothing on earth can make me poor. Before I was born my parents were rich, my grandparents were wealthy.
Do you still love your ex-wife?
We are not talking about love here. It is not an issue of love, the issue here is this are people who are HIV positive, they are spreading it everywhere in high and low places. Sen. Hope Uzodinma is busy sleeping with all sorts of women, including married women and prostitutes. He destroyed the marriage of one time minister of petroleum and moved in with his wife, Ngozi. My ex-wife is also busy sleeping around.
When you say Hope Uzodinma sleeps with married women besides your wife, do you have other examples and proofs?
I have a lot of examples to give but I can’t talk about other people’s wives. I can talk of my wife because I have legal and moral authority to say what I am saying. I know of other women, infact one of them died either in 2012 or 2013 of HIV, a married woman. But I cannot begin to mention names.

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