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Wollup!! Tchidi Chikere's Ex-Wife, Sophia Is Already Pregnant and Secretly Remarried!!?



Few days ago, Sophia, ex-wife to movie producer Tchidi Chikere, sparked engagement rumours after she shared a photo on Instagram which clearly showed her wearing an engagement ring.
Going by reports floating around, it seems the ring was meant to throw people off because it is being reported that she got married two weeks ago to a much younger man named Young Mula
According to BIB, an insider source says that Sophia got married traditionally in Umuahia 2 weeks ago to Young Mula
She is allegedly already pregnant for him, which prompted him to pay her bride price last two Saturdays and they have tied the knot traditionally.
Young Mula, who is from Anambra State, is a movie director, based in Australia but he has been in Nigeria since the wedding.. He is in his late 20s, much younger than Sophia, who already has 3 kids from her first marriage with Tchidi Chikere.
We will bring more gist as it unfolds.

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