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Wao!: Switzerland To Start Paying All of Its Citizens $2400 Per Month, $570 For Children!



This very interesting, Switzerland is seen by many as a unique country in more ways than one, and they could become more unique if this radical proposal gets voted into law.
A referendum to be held in the tiny European nation on the 5th of June, would decide whether the proposal should be implemented.
Introduced by a group of intellectuals in the country, the proposal is meant to end poverty and combat inequality- under it, every adult citizen would be entitled to an amount circa $2400 every month.
Children would be entitled to an amount approximately $570 per month.
Critics of the proposal say it would encourage a huge percentage of the populace to stop working, but the group proposing the policy cites a study which showed that most Swiss would keep working despite the income.
“The argument of opponents that a guaranteed income would reduce the incentive of people to work is therefore largely contradicted,” it said.
Whilst I would love to live in such a country, this looks like a disaster waiting to happen. Human beings are not good at doing things without the proper motivation.

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