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Eritrean Government Makes Stunning Revelations About One Man, Two Wives Report



The Eritrean government has officially cleared the air on reports that it has mandated all men to marry at least two wives or go to jail, PM News reports.
The news had made rounds in various sections of the media in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Africa, among other other African countries.
PM News wrote the Eritrean Ministry of Information to get a clarification on the matter, they replied immediately, stating that the alleged law was false.
The government wrote: “This is false. And the document in circulation is forged. This report is a hoax. Eritrea’s Penal Code does not permit polygamy.”
An alleged copy of a scanned decision of the Grand Mufti (Eritrean Parliament) had surfaced on a Kenyan newspaper website, where there were claims that the State of Eritrea was calling on all men in their country to marry at least two wives.
The Parliament, according to the report, went on to state that the government also promised to pay for the marriage ceremonies and accommodate the newlyweds.
Nigerians have, in a dramatic manner, come up with hilarious messages and images showing them going to Eritrea in search of two wives.

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