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“Don’t Turn Davido To An ATM, Get A Job” – Dr. Ola Balogun Tells Sophia Momodu



Nigerian movie maker and musician, Dr. Ola Balogun, has waded into Davido and his baby mama saga.
The veteran film maker, via a letter to the Nation, addressing Davido’s baby mama saga, expressed disappointment, and condemned in totality, the role played by Ovation magazine boss, Dele Momodu
He also charged Sophia Momodu to get a job to support her lifestyle, and not turn Davido into an Automated Teller Machine, ATM.
The letter reads in part, [b]“I was heartbroken to read about what young Mr. Adeleke has been going through at the hands of Mr. and Mrs. Dele Momodu and their neice (or cousin?).
“If Davido’s account is true, the activities of the Momodus deserve to be roundly condemned by all right-thinking Nigerians.
“Shouldn’t the baby’s interests be paramount? As for the mother of the baby, she should be thoroughly ashamed of herself for having inflicted so much pain and suffering on her child as a result of her alleged drug habits.
“If I understand rightly, the young lady is able-bodied. Why doesn’t she go and seek gainful employment somewhere, instead of partying all over the place and expecting the father of her child to pick up extravagant bills?
“Why must she consider Davido a personal ATM that is there to cough up money on demand at each instant? It is really too bad!”.
“In conclusion, one must congratulate Davido for the deep maturity, sense of responsibility, decency, forbearance and manliness he has displayed all through this terrible ordeal.”
“Unknown to him, he has proved himself to be more than old enough and mature enough to be equal to the task of being a father.”
“I hope and pray for Imade’s good health and future happiness and well-being,” [/b]the first generation film maker wrote.

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