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Chinese School Hosts Bikini Modelling Competition to Recruit Air Hostesses



China seems to take everything beyond the ordinary—and airlines based in China go further than the normal recruitment assessment to pick employees.
According to UK’s Independent reports;
Women in China have taken part in a bizarre audition to either become either models or flight attendants.
More than 1,000 graduates from a school in Quingdao, north-east China, attended the annual auditions in the hope of becoming either a model or an air stewardess on Monday, according toPeople’s Daily Online.
Those auditioning were hoping to gain contracts in either the world of fashion or aviation, and walked up and down stage in bikinis and air stewardess uniforms as they were required to meet physical requirements.
The criteria included women being elegant, slim, having a sweet voice and having no scars visible on the exposed areas of their skin.
For these women to be considered as capable of being flight attendants, they had to 5ft 6in tall. However, DailyMail claims that the host of the event “Oriental Beauty” says on its website that candidates who are really beautiful, will be accepted even if they are 5ft 5in.

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