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Banks To Charge N1 per N1,000 Debit Transactions On a Current Account



Since the CBN ordered them to stop deducting COT on customers accounts with effect from this month, they have unveiled another method of stealing customers money by introducing what they call ‘a maintenance fee’. and they say it has the blessing of the CBN.
The amount to be deducted is N1 per N1,000 debit transactions on a current account. It does not affect savings account.
So if a customer withdraws N1million from his account, the bank lays claim to N,1000 out of the money. If one withdraws N2million, the bank charges a ‘maintenance fee’ of N2,000, according to a circular sent by one of the banks today.
This is the second maintenance fee bank customers will pay. The banks also charge ‘maintenance fee on ATM cards.
“We wish to inform you that effective January 2016, all customer initiated debit transactions on current accounts will attract a maintenance fee of N1(One Naira) per N1000(One Thousand Naira).
“This is in accordance with Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) recent circular to all banks, stating that current account maintenance fees should be charged.”

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