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Satguru Maharaj Ji Mocks Late Pope, Bimbo Odukoya, Goldie and Others in Posters



Satguru Maharaj Ji has been parading Ibadan with his disciples preaching and asking them to join in his December crusade. They did that few days ago, he said. He said, the city of Ibadan however woke up on Monday to find posters of Guru at strategic places in the city mocking dead Nigerians and late international stars. Guru wrote on the poster;
You can shout GOD, GOD, ALLAH, ALLAH, ZILLION TIMES, One will still be a slave to the world and a shadow of oneself. Below are some of the people, out of millions, who were blocked by religion from meeting and knowing SATGURU MAHARAJ JI and lost their lives at prime.
He mentioned late Pope John Paul 11, Goldie, Samuel Okparaji, Late Pastir Bimbo Odukoya, MKO Abiola and  a host of others. He then included the venue and time of his crusade.

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