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Punch Newspaper’s Website Logo Replaced With Biafran Flag This Morning



The favicon of Punch Newspaper’s online platform showed a Biafran flag in place of the Punch logo.

In the early hours of Tuesday 1st of December, it was observed that the favicon on the online platform of Punch Newspapers showed the flag of Biafra in place of the Punch logo.

This has already began to generate varying opinions among Nigerians with two opinions getting the most weight. The first is of those saying that the newspaper is showing soliidarity. The second, which is the most popular according to feedback, argues that Punch has been hacked.

The latter opinion is also strengthened by the Radio Biafra Facebook page which refers to Punch Newspaper as the ‘evil yoruba Newspaper’

We reached out to the Editor of Punch, but as at press time, there has been no response from the Newspaper.

We’ll keep you posted as the story develops.

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