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Paul Biya Resigns As President Of Cameroon



There are reports from the Republic of Cameroon, that the country’s long term president, Paul Biya, who has been in power for 30 years, has voluntarily resigned from power.
The report by Cameroon Ajajas, an online news platform based in the Cameroon, on its blog says that delegates of the C.P.D.M met at the Unity palace for a meeting at the invitation of President Paul Biya. Biya was said to have shocked his audience with the declaration of his resignation as the country’s president. The long ruling president hinged his dramatic resignation on health grounds and the urgent change to bring democracy to the country.
Biya’s resignation comes as a huge surprise after holding to power for over 3 decades now. President Paul’s quit notice without giving his country men and women any signal is expected to throw the country into a state of bickering since there is no clear succession plan in place. Cameroonians will have to wait to know what next for their country’s leadership. Now the question is. What will become of Cameroon now and who is going to be our next leader?
The report says “Cameroon is in a state of confusion at the moment everyone wonders how the new government will look like. Some are happy and some are putting on sad faces.” Paul Biya is presently in France according to Cameroon Ajajas to meet the French president Francoise Hollande to discuss about his sudden resignation as president. In 2009, reports arose that President Paul Biya went on a 20-day holiday in France, spending £35,000 daily (£700,000 in total)
This is an unconfirmed breaking news and we will get back to you with more details if confirmed to be true.

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