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Nigerian Man Starts Preaching In London Bus And Is Told To Shut Up (Photos)



A Nigerian man took to a London bus and starting constituting a nuisance of himself there preaching. In the UK, he would most likely be disturbing the peace and could be arrested. The preacher kept insisting that the passengers hear him out ‘because I am preaching the word of life.’
An annoyed female passenger who was obviously frustrated with the preacher’s refusal to get off the bus yelled at him, ‘Idiot!’ He further shocked passengers with his refusal to get off the bus and just stayed on disturbing the peace. It became so embarrasing that the driver stopped the bus and told the passengers he wasn’t moving the vehicle till the preacher gets off.
Another visibly angry passenger even yelled at the preacher threatening to call the police. She was even backed by another man who insisted the preacher must get off the bus or get arrested.
‘Well, it’s up to you,’ the preacher replied.