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LOL! Ukrainian Citizens Throw Corrupt Politician Inside Garbage Bin (Photos)



A Ukrainian bureaucrat was marched from his office and kicked before being thrown into the garbage by an angry mob who accused him of fraud. Nikolay Shershun, a former city deputy, was seized by four men wearing masks in the city of Rivne in western Ukraine. The masked men grabbed him and kicked him as he was marched down the street in front of a crowd of people. Mr Shershan was then hurled into the bin and the crowd began to rotate him around with their feet. According to the mob, the politician is to blame for illegally cutting down forests in the region.
Vladimir Kubyuk, one of the activists against Mr Shershan said: ‘This man tries to lobby his interests by putting his men in power in order to facilitate his illegal income.’ He also added that all the people in charge of forestry are relatives of Shershun. But Mr Shershun insists he has no idea what provoked such an ’emotional outburst’ from his attackers. After managing to clamber out of the bin, he was eventually taken by ambulance to a hospital for a check up. The incident is just one of a series of protest attacks against politicians in Ukraine recently. Earlier this year a Ukrainian politician suspected of harbouring pro-Russian sympathies was dragged onto the street and had his clothing ripped before he was thrown into a bin and covered in antiseptic. Vasyl Kavatsyuk, 44, who is the chief of justice in the western Ukrainian city of Ivano-Frankivsk, was accused of corruption and thrown in the rubbish bin after he allowed a political party, the Opposition Bloc, to be registered for upcoming elections.
I just wish same thing will be done to corrupt Nigerian politicians.

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