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ENOUGH! Buhari Should STOP Using the Army To Take Innocent Lives



I was thinking that Our “Illiterate” president will listen to Soyinka’s advice and tackle the issue of the Biafra more diplomatically, but judging by the way Buhari is going over the issue, shoting and killing unarmed protesters, and taking away their corps, it dawned on me that this man is more clueless than Jonathan.
Does he think this will solve the issue or escalate it? I was forced to write this after watching the way the Nigerian army shot and kill unarmed citizens, even chicken haven’t been slaughtered that way. Day by day pictures of the ungodly killing by the Army surface yet no comment from the APC nor the president himself.
I think it’s high time someone remind this man that this isn’t military reign. All the campaign promises he made are yet to be accomplished simply because they were ‘impossible political promises’. The economy of the country, the value of the currency (Naira), everything keeps going down and all he is focused on is using the army to take innocent lives.
I think this man is throwing the country into anarchy. Now the protesters are unarmed and are being killed but when the army come in contact with armed Boko Haram they run for their lives *caricature army*.
Not only is he using force to unbalance the country  on the long run, by shooting and killing unarmed IPOB protester and Shitte Muslim. But turning the people against his government. Remember sooner or later the people you killed their relative will seek vendetta against the government.
I think it’s time the world act on issue of Nigeria cus I see the worst yet to come. If any group is seeking secession, listen to their reasons and dialogue with them and not kill them, I believe freedom of speech still exists in this country.
I cried on seeing these images below of unarmed  IPOB(indigenous People of Biafra) members been shot and their corps being taken away by the Army.
See graphic photos below…..

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