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Man Who Killed His Granny Over Rent Money Lynched In Benin (Photos)



The young man pictured below (after the post) allegedly killed his own grandmother over house rent issue in Benin. According to an NP source, the man and his grandmother had been fighting for years over property ownership of the house. The man claimed his late mother owned the house and bequitted to him but the grandmother insisted the house, located at Benin technical college rd, Ugbowo, belonged to her.
And in the early hours of today Nov. 20th, the man asked his grandmother for the rent she’d collected from the tenant in the house – N15,000 – and when the grandmother refused, the two got into a shouting matching and before anyone could stop him, he picked a cutlass and attacked the old lady.
When neighbours got wind of what he’d done, they descended on the boy and nearly beat him to death. He was later handed over to the division of Ukoro police station officers, who came and took him away.
See photos below….

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