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Man Kills Step Daughter Just To Have Sex With Her Dead Body And Film It



Officially one of the most horrifying reports I have this month and I have heard my fair share, this is just unbelievable wrong in every human and inhuman way. Why would you kill a person just to ‘have sex with their corpse and film it’? It’s even a disgusting thought. Can’t begin to find the word to qualify the nastiness. And the judge and jury presiding on this case would have to share in the insane nastiness by watching this video before Gregory can be sentenced.
Prosecutors report that Gregory R Graf shot his step daughter Jessica Padgett with the sole intent of filming himself while having sex with her dead body and now the jurors, all seventy of them, have to partake in watching the video before they can carry out a sentence on the man. The juries naturally all refused. They all walked out of the courtroom.
The incident which happened last year begins trial this November. The trial will start on Tuesday and last more than a week.
Gregory, fifty-three-year-old, told officers when he was being charged with murder that he had harbored a sexual desire for his step daughter and had wanted to sleep with her for a long time and finally had the chance to do so after she was dead.
The thirty-three-year-old woman met her unfortunate demise with a gunshot in the back of the head on November 21st last year and at the hand of her step-father who hid her body on his property while friends and family searched everywhere for her.
Ms Padgett vanished after leaving Duck Duck Goose Child Care in Northampton, US.
John Morganelli, of Northampton County District Attorney, told the jurors: “No one wants to see this. This is not pleasant stuff. This is a criminal homicide case.” He said jurors needed to stomach the harrowing footage so justice could be served.
District Attorney John Morganelli said he could not pursue the death penalty because the alleged sexual abuse committed on the victim happened after she was killed so the case had to be an ”abuse-of-corpse” charge.
Things people do are beyond believable. So sad for Ms Padgett’s family.

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