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Bus Driver Sacked After Hew Was Caught on Camera Mastrubating Inside Bus (Photo)



A London bus driver has been suspended after he was filmed masturbating at the top deck of his bus. Footage shows the driver naked from the waist down, leaning between two seats at the top of the parked vehicle in a depot. Mohamud Mohamud, 38, and his brother Hazma, 26, were standing outside their home smoking a cigarette when the situation unfolded at 12pm on Saturday. The driver of the 123 bus route to Ilford, north London, was stood right by the steamy window that faces onto the road.
Mohamud said: ‘I was so shocked. I saw that he is almost naked on the top of the bus and could see him rocking forwards and backwards. ‘At first I couldn’t figure out what he was doing, but when I realised I got my phone out to start recording. ‘There must be something on the seat in front of him, you could see his right hand reaching for something which is on the seat in front so I believe that was his mobile and we think he was watching porn.’ A TfL spokesman said: ‘We have immediately contacted the bus operator, Arriva, and they confirmed that they have suspended the driver while the incident is investigated

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