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PHOTOS : Stupid Husband Takes Pictures While Wife Is Attacked By Cheetahs



A traumatized woman was attacked by a pair of cheetahs during the couple’s birthday visit at the South African game reserve while her husband takes pictures instead of saving her life.
Violet D’Mello, 60, from Scotland was given the shock of her life when her husband was busy snapping a pair of cheetahs mercilessly mauling and attacking her.
The incident happened while Violet tried to take snapshots with the ‘tamed’ pair of cheetahs when the animal suddenly attacked her. She had wanted to save an 8-year-old girl who was being attacked by a male cheetah when other two cheetahs suddenly turned on her.
The animal took her neck into its jaws trying to maul it. She was brutally bitten on the back of her head and scratched all over her upper body and legs. Violet suffered several wounds on her face, head, eyes, legs, kidney and stomach.
Violet was rushed to a local area hospital where she received treatment. She said her idea to fake death had made the animals to stop attacking her during the three-minute attack.
While the attack was going on, Violet’s  husband busied himself snapping the whole encounter which he later released online.
Help, however came when a park guide use stick to beat both the animals forcing the two cheetahs to back away. It was the first ever time the cheetahs would attack a human. Violet was angry with park officials who had said the animals were not dangerous. As a result, park officials no longer let tourists in.
Violet will remember the incident for the rest of her life.

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