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#MinisterialScreening: 20 Remarkable Quotes Fashola Said During His Screening



Erstwhile Governor of Lagos state, Babatunde Fashola appeared before the senate this morning for screening.
Ministerial ScreeningThe flamboyant overly charismatic governor made his presence felt as expected, as he left all the distinguished senators mesmerised.
Here are 20 Remarkable Quotes Fashola said during his screening:
I cannot claim credit for my success in Lagos State”
”Before we increase taxes, we must optimize the capacity to get that which is in the place”
”Security is the toughest job a leader has”
“I felt responsible for every citizen who was robbed”
”We can redress political abuses, but cannot recover a life already lost”
”Nigeria has about 500,000 standing policemen. We are under-policed”
“State Police will create employment and curb domestic violence”
”We must commend our founding fathers for conceptualizing the creation of Abuja”
“The concept of loyalty is a very strange one. My prayer is that ‘may our loyalties never be tested.”
”As Governor of Lagos I didn’t sign cheques. I’ve never signed cheques, I didnt fix contract prices. Only training I have is as a lawyer”
“Nobody has alleged that I wrongly enriched myself”
‘I have remained loyal to causes I signed to. I stand by my word’
“Nobody can fairly accuse me of giving my word and going back on my word”
“The unfortunate thing about money is that it raises suspicion, even among brothers”
“Government should not get involved in needless disputes”
”The choices we make define the result we get”
‘This Nation has a lot of money outside its borders. Nigerians are investing more abroad’
“Those who want to benefit from the commonwealth must contribute to the common purse”
”The consequence to making the promises is the right to accountability”
”The right to freedom is not absolute.It carries responsibility of not to be a nuisance”

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