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Man Goes on Rampage With a Sword in School Killing a Teacher, a Pupil and Injuring Two Others



A 21-year-old man has killed a teacher and a pupil with a sword in a Thursday morning attack on the Kronan School in Trollhatten, Sweden. The attack took place in the school’s cafe area around 10:10 local time. Reports say the unnamed attacker was shot by police responding to an emergency and is being treated at a nearby hospital.
Police media officer Stefan Gustafsson told online newspaper, RT, that the attack was carried out by one person. “A single man went into the school building…and he injured four persons – two male adults and two boys,” Gustafsson said.
One of the victims, a male teacher, died on the scene while another male teacher and two boys, aged 11 and 15, were rushed to the hospital. One of the boys later died at the hospital. A student who witnessed spoke to The Local newspaper, about the attack.
“I was in a classroom with my class when one of my classmates’ sisters called her to warn her that there was a murderer at the school,” he said.   “So we locked the door to the classroom, but our teacher was still outside in the corridor. “We wanted to warn him, so a few of us went outside and then I saw the murderer, he was wearing a mask and had a sword. “Our teacher got stabbed. “The murderer started chasing me, I ran into another classroom. “If I had not run, I would have been murdered. I’m feeling really scared.”Everyone’s scared here.” It was gathered police are already at an address believed to be the suspect’s home.

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