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How Nigerian Student Was Beaten To Death In Police Custody Abroad (Photos)



22-yr-old Nigerian student Matthew Ajibade, died in police custody after he was kicked and beaten by police during a booking process where he was said to be combative and fought back. And last week, during a trial of the case, shocking footage taken inside the Georgia jail where Matthew was booked showed him being kicked and punched in the head during the fight with police officer. He was left alone in restraints for an hour-and-a-half after the violence, at which point he was found dead. See the photos after the cut…
Ajibade was arrested on domestic violence charges on New Years day 2015 when the incident happened. In the video, Ajibade could be seen arguing with the police officers who call for back off. One officer tried to tackle him to the ground and Ajibade resisted. As she tried to taser him, Ajibade grabbed the taser and that was when another officer attacked him. The officer is seen in the video kicking the back of Ajibade’s head at which point he stopped resisting. The police officer then used the taser on the Nigerian student and then handcuffed him. He was left there for an hour and a half and when they went back to check on him, he was found dead.
The three former jail employees, who battled with him are now in trial charged over his death. They were charged for policy and procedure violations that prosecutors say contributed to Ajibade’s death.

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