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Goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama Narrates Clash With Sunday Oliseh



Goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama has narrated in details how his row with Super Eagles coach happened.
Enyeama we earlier reported has quit the national team after he was stripped of his captaincy by Oliseh.
A day before Oliseh left the Super Eagles base at the Hotel Verviers in Belgium, the Lille goalkeeper granted an interview to Galaxy Television where he detailed his clash with Oliseh.
The goalkeeper who made his Super Eagles debut in 2002 started off by thanking Nigerians for their support during his 13-year stay with the national team.
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Enyeama went to on say that he has not been treated well by Oliseh for someone who has serve the country with so much enthusiasm, passion and commitment.
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“I have honoured all the matches I have been invited, so to be treated the way I have been treated for a couple of days, I personally do not accept that,” Oliseh said.
“I have never had issues with Sunday Oliseh before,” Enyeama continued.
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“When I had issues with the NFF, the coach defended me all the way, I have never had any issue with him, I never knew him, and we have never shared a football pitch.”
Enyeama further narrated that Oliseh during a team meeting said that he invited four goalkeepers because he didn’t think the goalkeeper was going to show up in camp.
“Secondly, Oliseh told me that I’m no more the captain of the team, that he decides and calls the shots and told us to enjoy our dinner,” Oliseh said.
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“For me it was shocking because I spoke with the NFF president during the burial of my late mum in Akwa Ibom and he said I have to be in camp as captain.
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“I was trying to make him see why I should be excused, but he said I should go to camp and respected that.
“I abandoned everything I was supposed to do at home and came to camp. All the family meeting with the village people, I missed it.
“So for the first message to be that I have been stripped of captaincy was not fair to me.”
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Enyeama further revealed that he wanted to ask why he was dropped as captain, but Oliseh made it clear that he was not going to listen to him.
“I insisted that I wanted to talk, but he insisted that I can’t talk that if I want to talk, he will order the team out and that nobody will listen to me or I will have to walk out,” Enyeama said.
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“I insisted that I wanted to talk, so he said, ‘Vincent get out, if you don’t leave I am going to call the security.”
“He went to open the door for me and ordered me to go out.
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“I’m just coming back from my mum’s burial, and just being stripped of my captaincy and now you are calling the cops on me.
“I have heard people say, I’m not the only one who has been stripped of captain
“But they never treated Silva (Brazil) that way, they never treated Javier Mascherano (Argentina) that way.

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