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Drake and Serena Williams Break Up After 1 Month Of Intense Romance



While Drake and Serena have never come out and officially announced their coupledom, the connection between the two has been pretty undeniable over the last few months. The couple has been caught kissing on camera and frequently spotted together everywhere from London to LA.
After engagement rumors between the two hit the internet, Drake’s camp had to shut down claims that he had bought a rock for the tennis diva after only a few months of dating.
Now, Serena’s team is coming out to say that not only are they not engaged, but the two aren’t even dating at all. As a source close to the duo shared with E!News:
“They are friends and nothing more,” the source said.
Damn, NOTHING more?? We figured they weren’t quite serious enough for an engagement yet…but from the sound of this statement, these two may be done chopping each other down altogether…at least for the moment.
So…does this mean Drake is on his way back into the VIP section of Houston strip clubs Marvin’s Room??